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GrannyChat we help Granny skype is a service of the past!

GrannyChat - we help Granny SkypeGrannyChat - We can finally skype with granny.GrannyChat - Kids skype with Granny.

Finally a TV cam is available from Logitech.

This is a product I was looking for a couple of years ago before I decided to buy the first computer with a big monitor for my parents (retired and already in their 80s). The iPad was just too small for them.

This new Logitech TV Cam HD with Skype for your HD TV (HDMI input) will be available for about $200 which is pricy for a webcam designed for a single purpose to make and receive skype calls. But the gigantic advantage of a single use device is simplicity – one purpose only which will help your mom, dad, grandfather, granny or anyone else to make a simple skype call without having to boot your computer.

I can’t wait to test my own TV cam and I hope this will make it easier for my parents and all of yours.

Sincerely yours,
Peter Anich, IT Solutions Finder


We help granny skype! A service designed for seniors or for anyone who needs help to communicate with loved ones over the internet:This is very close to my heart – my elderly parents can’t see their grandchildren as often as they would wish, so one way of getting them closer to my family is via online video and audio. With NO computer knowledge and the help of IT Solutions Finder they can now see their grandchildren every day although they are 5000 miles away.

  • See loved ones anytime
  • NO Travel
  • NO Stress
  • NO Computer knowledge required
  • Assisting in buying equipment and selecting an Internet Service Provider
  • 100% Assistance provided

We will setup your computer so you can talk and see your family, grandchildren or friends who have the required setup (requirements not included in price: Computer, high speed internet, webcam, PC speaker and microphone).

If needed we will write a step by step user guide tailored to your personal needs or provide ongoing remote assistance and guidance on how to use your new communication tool (teaching rates apply).

Call us at 203.807.4041 to setup a FREE, NO OBLIGATION LIVE DEMONSTRATION!

We will connect with grandparents overseas, so you can see it doesn’t matter if your loved ones live across town, in a different state or in a different country.