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Wireless Computer Accessories
Our Clients

Non-Profit Organizations - Local Businesses - Schools - Home Owners - Individuals - Seniors

What can we do for you?

We are your Technology Partner

Computer Store
Startup Development Team
Customer Service Rep

Tech Support

We are here to help you.

You have a question - call or email us

Computer setup / troubleshooting

Wifi  setup / troubleshooting

Network  setup / troubleshooting

Internet failover to cell service

Personalized email setup

Need help understanding your computer - teaching

If you are not in Fairfield county - we can help you remotely

Non-profit organizations

We love to help you.

Our goal is to save you money which starts by charging you less so you can do more for the people you care.

In addition to all our tech services we specialize in finding deals for nonprofits.

(low cost productivity software, FREE personalized email service and whatever we can find what will save you money.)

Phone service

Our strategic partner can help you save money on your office phone system.

(clients range from small offices, call centers to hotels)

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