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Our main purpose is to help people to overcome their frustrations with computers and everything related to it. Working for over 20 years in an office, buying equipment, setting it up, troubleshooting and supporting co-workers and customers we have experience in solving a variety of technology problems. It also gives us a unique perspective on technology needs and the relationship between technology and user.

Our passion to solve problems and being able to help others to accomplish what they need inspired us to start IT Solutions Finder. Our goal is it to make our clients’ lives easier, so they can concentrate on what’s important to them. An integral part of our vision for IT Solutions Finder includes helping nonprofit organizations to save money so they can use it to help others.


  • 20+ years experience in Information Technology and Research and Development

  • A+

  • Programming (C, C++, Java)

  • Aviation (technology and pilot)

  • Electronics and Communications

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